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Each Mini counts

Each Mini counts social campaign aims to help NGOs to develop and sustain themselves with external resources. There are basically 3 ways to help them:

1 - after 200 reservations made for each item (SKU) into Mini inventory, we donate that specific furniture, which goes through a process of revitalization and cleaning beforehand.

2 - Mini's participating partners can also donate their items together with us - going through the same revitalization and cleaning process.

3 - below there are donation links which all visitors can help the causes of these little ones in their survival.

In other words, basically Mini family (including you) ends up unintentionally helping the next ones, isn't that great?

"Think Globally but Act Locally" - by CISV

It all started in 1962! Since then, more than 5,000 children and teenagers have attended MAESP. Today we maintain the Minha Casa 1 and Minha Casa 2 homes, guaranteeing the rights of 30 children and adolescents. Since 2017, we have carried out projects and actions in vulnerable communities, having assisted 100 children and teenagers in a recurring project and about 1,100 children and teenagers in specific actions during this period.

Cão Sem Dono is a non-profit NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), which was born from a great dream of its current president: to remove as many animals from the streets as possible, give them adequate treatment and integrate them with their families. give love, affection and a dignified life.

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Every product has a manual / video on how to handle it. Uncomplicate and do it yourself.

Safety first!

Before being available, all items undergo an Assistance, Cleaning and Packing Screening.