Mini was born to make the moments of parents with their children more special and that there is no need to worry about anything other than having fun.

We know that hitting the road, or even flying high, automatically makes us think: What to take? How to take? How much space will it occupy? [...]

Thinking about it, we at Mini Minimalista want to help you on this sometimes complicated journey = D. It all starts here, at OUR HOME! All items undergo a rigorous sorting - Technical assistance, Cleaning and Packing - which we affectionately call the Important Sorting. After that, the item is in perfect condition, clean and ready to share special moments with you and your family.

And now it's up to you! Book the necessary items to enjoy your trip and count on us when you need it.


"Providing a shared economy with an impact on responsible sustainability"

Hálef Soler - CEO & Founder


To the Family

We understand that traveling as a family can bring worries and often be exhausting. If you come by car, space in the trunk is a problem, if by plane, we don't always want to overpay to dispatch the stroller, the crib, bathtub, pet bed (...) So, we are ready to help you.

To the Partners

We deliver together with our partners more value for our guests, from your booking to departure. When you arrive at the place, your item will be waiting for you at the reception, and at check-out, just leave it there in the recepption

what we do


We rented four main items that a family with a baby would take on a trip: Mobile Cribs, Strollers with bassinet, Tricycle strollers, Auto baby seat and the dog pet bed. All rental items have a minimum period of 3 days. We recommend that at least 1 day prior to check-in the booking of the item to be used is made and in the case of cancellation, it must be made no later than 3 days before the booking


We deliver and pick up at our partners (hotels), following their check-in and check-out times. Some partners have the flexibility of late check-out, but we pick up the item at standard time (12:00 p.m. - Brasilia time)

Cleaning and Assistancy

It all starts at OUR HOME, with what we call the Important Screening: technical assistance (1), Cleaning (2) and Packing (3)

1 - If the item needs some repair / maintenance;

2 - Steaming and cleaning is performed with 70% alcohol and bactericidal / fungicidal and neutral products);

3 - The final step is to pack the item, store it and make it ready for delivery.

Tudo começa na NOSSA CASA, com o que chamamos de a Importante Triagem: assistência técnica (1), higienização (2) e packing (3).


Miguel really liked the crib we rented on the way to São Paulo for the holiday, we recommend

Danilo Soler

Miguel's Dad

That's wonderful to know I'm going from Finland to Brasil without having headaches about taking to stroller with me.

Mariane Angeli

Aila Norma's Mammy