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São Paulo (capital) Zones

Units we cover

VN Alvaro Rodrigues, VN Ferreira Lobo, VN Gomes de Carvalho, Pullman Ibirapuera, 360 suítes Berrini, Clarion Faria Lima, Comfort Ibirapuera, Paulista Suites by Charlie, Newciti Itaim by Charlie, Hotel Manhattan, Regent Park Suite Hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton São Paulo Itaim

Units we cover

Hotel Ca'd'Oro, 360 suítes Luz, 360 suítes Consolação, 360 suítes República, 360 suítes Perdizes, 360 suítes Bom Retiro, 360 suítes Higienópolis, 360 suítes Santa Cecília, 360 suítes Sé

Units we cover

360 suítes Vila Madalena, 360 suítes Jardins

Atibaia - SP e Campos do Jordão - SP (coming up)

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" The idea of geting this partnership arose because we observed that during holidays or school breaks we are looking for many families with babies and young children. So, we wanted to offer something aimed at this audience. "

Alexandre Lafer

Housi's CEO

" Our guests can very easily rent their items easily and securely. Best of all, super fast delivery to any desired location "

Debora Beda

360 suite's CEO

" [...] renting and signing these needs is the most modern and smart way, for sure. That's why Housi is betting on this format. I consider it a great partnership for our Group. "

Daniela Robledo

Partnership & New Business Head for Housi

" A super partner to add to our services, bringing more comfort and ease to our guests. "

Camila Neves

Clarion Faria Lima's Sales Manager

" This partnership came to add in a moment that what we need most is comfort, agility and technology! Undoubtedly the best path for our client who needs this service. "

Franciele Brognollo

Comfort Ibirapuera's Sales Manager

" The partnership is very interesting, and very different! A great service to make available to the owners "


VN Alvaro Rodrigues' Manager

We have some partners at Facility in Home Brasil and one of them is the Mini Minimalist that came to add our services and deliver comfort and convenience to parents on first or "many trips "


VN Gomes de Carvalho's Manager and VN Ferreira Lobo's syndic


All parents who book Mini Minimalista items get a discount voucher with Liv Up (healthy food) and Zee Now (Pets | dogs and cats)

Liv Up was created with the objective of encouraging people to seek more out of life through better nutrition.

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