Items we rent

All furniture has a personalized Mini Bag to facilitate logistics and also to identify who booked it on the day of check-in. In addition, every reservation has a CleanBag for the desired cleaning of your baby and pet, cool, huh?

In need of days that are not available on the reservation, send a whatsapp on this link!

Mobile Crib

The complete portable crib: 2 height options, zippered mosquito net, changing table, wheels and side opening to use for longer, as if it were a "toquinha". Upper floor for babies with a maximum weight of 10kg, changing table 6.8kg and lower floor 18kg. Trousseau not included

NOTE: Colors may change depending on current inventory availability.

Tested and approved according to standard under registration No. 000817/2019.

From R$99.00 (includes pick up and drop off)


Pet-stay consists of 1 double feeder (food/water) + pet bed - both size S or M for small and medium-sized Pets along with a Mini waterproof cover.

Size S: 19 x 65 x 45cm

Size M: 19 x 80 x 60cm

Both are 19cm tall

Washable fabrics

From R$60.00 (delivery included)

Baby Stroller

Compact one-handed pocket-style closure with telescopic handle for easy transport. Wide hood with visor and UV+ sun protection.

Attention: Carrying basket not included. 

Approved by INMETRO in accordance with ABNT NBR 14,389 for children from birth to 15kg.

from R$99,00 (delivery included)  

Auto baby seat

The Safety 1st Multifix car seat is a multi-group car seat that accompanies all stages of your child, from 0 to 36 kg, that is, from birth to approximately 10 years of age. It can be installed on vehicle belts (forward or backwards movement) or in the modern ISOFIX system (when facing movement), giving flexibility for easier use in different types of cars.

Approved by Inmetro according to ABNT 14.400 for groups 0+,1, 2 and 3 (0 to 36 kg).

from R$80,00 (delivery included)

Portable bathtub

Smile is a product with 2 functions, a high bath and a floor bath. Lightweight and super compact in closing, easy to clean and store in any small space or even to be taken on trips. With the Smile bathtub, bath time will be relaxing for the baby and peaceful for the parents.

- Use from 0 to 36 months;

- Capacity up to 35 l: 20 kg on the stand / 35 kg on the floor (child's weight + water).

from R$80,00 (delivery included)

Pet Stroller

The Ollie & Hutch Compact Dog Stroller is practical to close and is compact when closed, it can easily go in the trunk. Very cozy for long distance walks, hot asphalt, in places where the movement of animals is restricted or simply for their safety and comfort.

Pets up to 11kg

Recommended quantity: Cart Intended for Animals weighing up to 15 Kg

From R$ 99.00 (delivery included)

Dining chair

Much more than a dining chair! Stylish and multipurpose, Moa is an 8-in-1 high chair designed for your child's first 5 years. As a high or portable chair, stool and table.

6 months up to 23kg

Approved by Inmetro according to ABNT 15991: 2011

From R$99.00 (delivery included)


Pet-travel consists of a Transpet Tubline (up to 15kg) + Zeedog Air Mesh Chest

Intended for transporting small and medium-sized cats and dogs in cars and provides the pet with a pleasant ride and the owners a safer transport and protects the car seat from dirt.

Chest (neck adjustment/belly adjustment)

PP 19 a 24 cm 33 a 41 cm

P 27 a 32 cm 41 a 51 cm

M 35 a 40 cm 52 a 62 cm

Approved by Inmetro according to ABNT 15991: 2011

From R$ 99.00 (delivery included)